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Here is what is included in the IELTS ZOOM course:

Getting started Module- 9 PART VIDEO SERIES. 
Writing TASK 1 Module - 10 PART VIDEO SERIES, plus model answers and practice questions.
IELTS Writing Task 2 Module - 10 PART VIDEO SERIES, plus model answers and practice questions.
Speaking - 8 PART VIDEO SERIES (plus practice questions).
Listening Module - 8 PART VIDEO SERIES, plus practice exercises. 
Reading Module- 11 PART VIDEO SERIES, plus practice exercises.
Quizzes for each skill.
In total there are 56 video lessons that cover all the different tasks you could get during the IELTS academic test. Along with these lessons you can use the model answers, practice exercises and practice questions to help ensure you are completely ready for your test.
The IELTS ZOOM course can help you achieve your target IELTS Academic test score, so you can the fulfil your academic or professional goals.
Having listened to the concerns and frustrations of students who were preparing for the IELTS Academic test it has enabled us to develop an easy-to-follow IELTS preparation course. This course is specifically designed to take students from being nervous about taking the IELTS test, to confident in their abilities, knowing that they can achieve the score they need.
All of the IELTS ZOOM lessons and materials have been created by an experienced team of IELTS professionals, who have helped thousands of students with their IELTS preparation. The online learning platform we created also allows you to choose when and where you study. 

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The IELTS ZOOM Course allowed me to prepare for my test in a relaxed way. The combination of video lessons and practice materials helped me to improve and build my confidence. I therefore thoroughly recommend it as it’s convenient and great value.

Alessandra, Brazil

The IELTS ZOOM course is a great opportunity to prepare and practice for IELTS in a flexible way. I was struggling in the writing section, but this helped me a lot and because of it, I got the score I wanted.

Duy, Vietnam

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